Wireless Pentesting


Wireless penetration is a crucial phase in any hackers attempt to penetrate your local network. These form of attacks are usually done at a certain proximity distance from the target. Upon accessing your wireless internet, they can then proceed to sniff your traffic and log all running data on your network. Thus securing your wireless network is extremely crucial and is one of the key steps in securing your network.

Though currently the world has mostly moved on to WPA/WPA2-PSK/TKIP, it is still vulnerable to brute force & phishing attacks.

The objective of this service is to pentest your Wi-Fi structure and look for:

  • Vulnerable passwords
  • Routers vulnerabilities

Our penetration testers will launch different existing Wi-Fi attacks and will do so from various distances to test your Wi-Fi signal availability.



Here is the list of the most commonly encountered wireless security faults and potential faults we look for:

  • Weak Protocols
  • Default or weak administrative credentials
  • Misassociation attack potential
  • Disassociation attack potential
  • Evil Twin attack potential
  • WPA Enterprise misconfigurations
  • Client Station Probe information disclosure

This is our standard methodology for a standard testing approach for a wireless engagement.

We will adjust accordingly for different types of testing objectives.

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