Who We Are?

Formed in 2018, Messiah Cyber Security & Consultancy (MCSC) is the brainchild founded by its CEO Mr. James Raj known mostly as The Messiah to Singaporeans and co-founded by Mr. David Alfredo Fobrogo, to provide various existing open source solutions to save cost and increase security for its clients.

During the 2013 cyber-attacks by our founder James Raj (The Messiah) against the government’s IT infrastructures, protesting against the government’s attempt at implementing a web censorship regulation. He revealed the weaknesses of the state of our nation’s infrastructures. By doing so, he also exposed the vulnerability in citizens’ lack of social engineering awareness.

He continued demonstrating the weakness in our nation’s systems during his incarceration by detecting a vulnerability in the prison kiosk system within a mere week of its implementation. As an inmate, he rendered valuable assistance to the Singapore Prison System and NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd in identifying and understanding their weaknesses in addition to writing a vulnerability report for their rectification.

Realizing the vast lack of security in a seemingly technologically advanced country and embarrassed by its present technological state; The Messiah, with the birth of MCSC, is coming forward 5 years after his incarceration with the ultimate working solution for the future of technology in Singapore.

Expect Us! 🙂