Our Mission

The primary objective and mission of Messiah Cyber Security & Consultancy (MCSC) is primarily aimed at being a one stop IT solution center for our clients around the globe. And more importantly, to provide our clients with the most cost optimizable solutions.

MCSC provides 24/7 consultation services on all cyber security services including hardware and software. We work in collaboration with our clients to plan a customized blueprint to cater to our individual customer’s requirements and budget.

One of our unique services is our capacity to provide remote real time hack attacks by legit hackers to identify your potential vulnerabilities and to provide you with concise solutions. With our connections within the “Hacker’s Communities”, we are able to provide valuable insights to our clients on newly available exploits even before they hit the commercial markets.

At MCSC, we recognize that the fundamental way to creating a secured environment is not to be solely reliant on the technology available but rather the depth of knowledge of its users. As advocates of security, MCSC leverages on The Messiah’s expertise by offering classes and seminars to coach staffs on various popular social engineering methods.

As a country with a strong global footprint in consumerism, defence and security, energy and utilities, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, transport, travel and logistics: