Stay Anonymous with kali-anonsurf

Greetings all,

Its been a while since i actually wrote a tutorial. I have been lost in space but i think i am back now.

The tutorial i want to share today is in regards to a tool call “kali-anonsurf”, this is by far the best and easiest method to set your kali system to run all its services through Tor. And more importantly, the setup is fast and convenient.

Personally i happen to cross upon this while using “The Lazy Script” and found it to be really convenient. But for this tutorial, instead of using The Lazy Script, we shall manually install it.

Lets Begin:

1) Start up your kali and load up a terminal.

2) Type : git clone

3) Type : cd kali-anonsurf to make your way into the directory.

4) To begin installing, type : ./

5) To launch kali-anonsurf , type : anonsurf

6) As you can see the switches are pretty straight foward. But lets go througt them.

7) To start your anonsurf, simply open a terminall and type : anonsurf start

8) In the event you would like to stop and restart your Anonsurf, simply type : anonsurf restart

9) If you feel the need to change your identity on your Tor network, simply type : anonsurf change

10)  To check if your Tor is set up successfully, type: anonsurf status

11) To check your new IP address, simply type : anonsurf myip

12)  To launch the i2p service, type : anonsurf starti2p

13) You will be presented the page shown below to adjust your settings.

14) And ofcourse to stop your i2p service, type : anonsurf stopi2p

15) Lets take a look at my current Tor enabled IP address.

16) 5 mins later, the IP successfully changes.

17)  As you can see, kali-anonsurf is successfully set up! Happy Anonymous Surfing!!

Hope that helps.

The Messiah

Protonmail : Send Encypted Emails Like Mr. Robot

Greetings all,

Today i would like to share a well known method to send secured emails, and when i mean secure, i mean secure. Not anything like the bullshit Gmail that claims to give you security while surrendering all our personal information to the big brothers. You sell outs.

So what do we do then?

Thank goodness for the researchers from CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, (If you are not familiar with CERN, it’s the world’s largest subatomic research facility that many credit with the development of the World Wide Web, among other things.) we actually have an actual email service that provides ultimate security and anonymity.

ProtonMail being based in Switzerland has its advantages, such as :

a) Though Switzerland is a neutral country and is not in EU, EU still respects individual privacy more then the US.

b) Switzerland has always been well known for their laws protecting individuals’ privacy. And most importantly, Switzerland is outside of the U.S. and EU legal jurisdiction. So the bullies have no say for once.

“All user data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO) which offers some of the strongest privacy protection in the world for both individuals and corporations. As ProtonMail is outside of US and EU jurisdiction, only a court order from the Cantonal Court of Geneva or the Swiss Federal Supreme Court can compel us to release the extremely limited Cuser information we have.” – Read Here

If you want to know more reasons why being based in Switzerland is advantageous, click here.

To maintain anonymity, ProtonMail provides End-to-end encryption (emails are decrypted in your browser). Does not require a phone number or another email to open an account (that account might be used to track your identity).You can set your email to expire after a number of days—even hours. There are no logs kept. Even the administrators at ProtonMail can’t read your email.

So how do we go about getting a ProtonMail?

1) Open your browser and make your way here.

2) Click on “Sign Up” and choose a plan, though ProtonMail is free, they have paid packages with more services.

3) Next you will be requested to fill in your desired username and password. A recovery email option is also available. Fill them up and press sign up.

4) Complete the CAPTCHA and click complete set up.

5) Congratulations, you have successfully registered for a ProtonMail.

*NOTE: Due to rapid rise in users, you may at times have to wait awhile to get an account. It can take anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks. I got lucky this time and got the account ready immediately.*

6) Now on the left top, click on the “Compose” button.

7) Below you will see three buttons (shown in the image below), click the enter button.

8) Set the expiration time of your email.

9) ProtonMail allow users to send messages that will be destroyed after a set amount of time. The server will automatically delete it from the server and upon expiration, it will no longer be available to anyone, anywhere.

ProtonMail -> ProtonMail

Sender: Message is deleted from the sent folder.

Recipient: Message is deleted from the inbox (or whichever folder it resides at the time of expiration).

ProtonMail -> Non-ProtonMail

Sender: Message is deleted from the sent folder.

Recipient: Encrypted messages sent to non-ProtonMail emails are contained within a link when sent to the non-ProtonMail email. This contents of this link are deleted once the message expires.

Please note – Once expired, the encrypted message and attachments will be deleted, but the email containing the link to the now deleted message cannot be deleted as it resides outside of ProtonMail.

*If you are finding all this familiar, the accurate detailed tv show Mr Robot uses ProtonMail.”


Hope that helps!

The Messiah