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Greetings all,

Its been a while since i actually wrote a tutorial. I have been lost in space but i think i am back now.

The tutorial i want to share today is in regards to a tool call “kali-anonsurf”, this is by far the best and easiest method to set your kali system to run all its services through Tor. And more importantly, the setup is fast and convenient.

Personally i happen to cross upon this while using “The Lazy Script” and found it to be really convenient. But for this tutorial, instead of using The Lazy Script, we shall manually install it.

Lets Begin:

1) Start up your kali and load up a terminal.

2) Type : git clone

3) Type : cd kali-anonsurf to make your way into the directory.

4) To begin installing, type : ./

5) To launch kali-anonsurf , type : anonsurf

6) As you can see the switches are pretty straight foward. But lets go througt them.

7) To start your anonsurf, simply open a terminall and type : anonsurf start

8) In the event you would like to stop and restart your Anonsurf, simply type : anonsurf restart

9) If you feel the need to change your identity on your Tor network, simply type : anonsurf change

10)  To check if your Tor is set up successfully, type: anonsurf status

11) To check your new IP address, simply type : anonsurf myip

12)  To launch the i2p service, type : anonsurf starti2p

13) You will be presented the page shown below to adjust your settings.

14) And ofcourse to stop your i2p service, type : anonsurf stopi2p

15) Lets take a look at my current Tor enabled IP address.

16) 5 mins later, the IP successfully changes.

17)  As you can see, kali-anonsurf is successfully set up! Happy Anonymous Surfing!!

Hope that helps.

The Messiah

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