Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 in Singapore: The best deals on tech & more

Black Friday may not have much of a tradition in Singapore, but the annual sale has been growing in popularity with more local retailers seemingly joining in year after year. In the lead-up to the holiday season, it’s a great chance to pick up some Christmas gifts for less – and as always, tech items are sure to be high on everyone’s wish list.

Whether you’re buying for others or yourself, Black Friday is the perfect time to save some money, and thankfully it doesn’t just mean the one day of activity, as these deals often spring up early and last longer than just the day itself – which, this year, falls on November 23.

So, if you’re looking for a great new laptop or a great deal on a gaming console bundle, you’ve come to the right place. Bookmark this page and over the next few days, we’ll find you the best savings on tech in Singapore for Black Friday 2018!


Surface Go with Type Cover | S$888 (save S$128)

Microsoft’s answer to the ever-popular iPad is a powerful one, and if you’re more used to the PC interface then this is the tablet for you. For a limited time, you can get the Surface Go bundled with the very useful Type Cover to turn your tablet into a portable 2-in-1.VIEW DEAL

Surface Pro Core i5 / 256GB / 8GB | S$1,388 (save S$400)

This is the lowest price we’ve seen on a Surface Pro for quite some time and is the cheapest way to get into Microsoft’s glorious 2-in-1. With a 7th-gen Intel Core i5, 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM, this machine packs plenty of punch in a portable package. VIEW DEAL

Surface Pro Core i7 / 256GB / 8GB | S$1,788 (save S$500)

You can upgrade your Intel Core i5 Surface Pro to one with an Intel Core i7 processor for as little as S$400. This is great if you want a little more oomph in the way of multi-tasking and day-to-day use and makes for a great middle-ground Surface Pro option. VIEW DEAL

Surface Pro Core i7 / 512GB / 16GB | S$2,388 (save S$800)

When the other two Surface Pro options aren’t enough in the way of storage or RAM, this model doubles both, bringing them up to 512GB of SSD storage and 16GB of RAM. Considering what this typically costs, this is the best value option if you’re looking for a Surface Pro as your main on-the-go workstation. VIEW DEAL

Xbox Game Pass 1-month | S$1 (save S$13.90)

If you want unlimited access to hundreds of Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles to play on your Xbox One (and Windows PC where applicable), then there’s no better time to try out the Xbox Game Pass. It’ll only cost you $S1 for a month subscription, so get in while it’s cheap! VIEW DEAL

Xbox Live Gold 1-month | S$1 (save S$13.90)

Just like the Game Pass, Microsoft is heavily discounting its single month subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold, so you can play all the latest titles online for a whole month and only spend S$1! It’s the best time to try it out or extend your subscription a little. VIEW DEAL


Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SSD | S$85.59 (save S$30)

There are few SSD’s that are more coveted as everyday workhorses than the Samsung Evo range, and you can get the 250GB model for a sweet discount right now. VIEW DEAL

Samsung 860 Evo 500GB SSD | S$109.13 (save S$50)

For an even bigger SSD and a better deal all-round, the 500GB Samsung 860 Evo is a real solid buy for the PC builder or upgrader out there. Get it while it’s cheap! VIEW DEAL

Dell G5 15-inch Gaming Laptop | S$1,857 (save S$433.94)

Packing a quad-core 8th-gen Intel Core i7-8750H, 16GB of RAM, a GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB, a 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD combo, and a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) display – this laptop is a real powerhouse for gaming and business users. For a short time, you can score this at a sweet 20% discount! VIEW DEAL

G.SKILL TridetnZ RGB 16GB DDR4 RAM | S$200.08 (save S$157)

This is a whopping 46% discount on some RGB lighting RAM, so if you’re building a sweet gaming rig with full RGB integration, then this 16GB from G.SKILL is a no-brainer at this price. VIEW DEAL

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC card | S$32.09 (save S$13)

One of the most well-known names in microSD cards, SanDisk typically stays close to top dollar. Right now, you can get its Ultra UHS-I/U1 Class 10 128GB card for 30% off, so jump in quick. VIEW DEAL

SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSDXC card | S$59.91 (save S$15)

For a bigger capacity, you can also score a discount of 21%, making the massive 200GB SanDisk Ultra card only S$59.91. This is ideal for photographers or even people with a Nintendo Switch, as you can store more photos, videos or games on the one tiny card. VIEW DEAL

The history of Black Friday sales

While it originated in the US, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a huge deal in Singapore, with the shopping craze slowly starting to build as the online retail world heats up.

The tradition of sales on Black Friday began in the ‘60s when American retailers used to mark profits and losses in their ledgers in black and red ink respectively. Before the Christmas season kicked off, retailers tried to turn year-long losses into black-marked profits, thus kicking off the largest and most popular shopping trend of the year.

A single day that brings with it massive savings means that it’s also famous for shoppers battling one another, with each Black Friday bringing a new bunch of YouTube clips showing people fighting over flat-screen TVs.

But gone are the days of Black Friday doorbuster sales; while many retailers offer discounts in store, the culture of online shopping has caught up, meaning shoppers can beat the crowds and browse the bargains from home or, if the boss isn’t looking, from work.

What’s the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Originally Cyber Monday wasn’t connected to the Black Friday sales and was introduced as recently as 2005. It was the day – after the spending spree of Black Friday had settled down – that people went, “Yikes! It’s nearly Christmas and I haven’t bought presents yet!”

Cyber Monday was launched as the day online retailers offered big savings to holiday shoppers. Where Black Friday focused mostly on consumer electronics, Cyber Monday catered to things like clothing and accessories.

But now there’s barely any difference to spot between the two. What is often advertised as a Black Friday sale starts well before the actual day arrives, then rolls over into Cyber Monday and, very often, beyond. The two sales have merged into what could be described as “Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the Week Before and After”.

Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday matter

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have changed the way we shop in the run-up to Christmas, and they’ve had a massive effect on the retail industry, especially online.

For the shoppers, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales frenzy means a whole week or more of what appear to be good deals, but if you aren’t too careful, you could end up going overboard.

If you’re savvy, though, and take advantage of TechRadar’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals monitoring, you really can save a lot of money on some of the hottest techs in town.

What to expect from Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018

As Black Friday gains in popularity, more and more retailers are joining the bandwagon and offering greater discounts. And with competition between retailers gaining momentum, we’ve seen the Black Friday sales period progress from just a single day to a weekend and eventually a whole shopping period in November.

While it’s hard to predict what could happen this year, here are some safe bets:

  • You can score some of the latest smartphones for much less than their actual retail value.
  • You’ll want to hold off buying a new computer, as laptops always get a big discount.
  • It will be a great time to upgrade your home entertainment system with prices on TVs and other AV gear being slashed.
  • Photography buffs will be able to save a small fortune on ILC bodies, compacts, lenses and other accessories.

Black Friday 2018 FAQ: what it is, when it happens and where to get the best deals

Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales held in Singapore?
Most definitely. Black Friday may have started off as an American tradition, but it’s become increasingly popular in Singapore over the last five years or so, with major retailers like Harvey Norman and Microsoft offering big bargains on a wide variety of products, with the sale usually extending well beyond Cyber Monday.

What and when is Black Friday?
Black Friday is the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving in the US. It’s the day when retailers offer big discounts to kick-start the holiday shopping season. Black Friday 2018 will be Friday, 23 November.

What and when is Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately after Black Friday. Cyber Monday 2018 will be on Monday, 26 November.

What is Black Friday deals week?
It’s the week that includes Black Friday. Retailers are increasingly offering deals before and after Black Friday itself in an attempt to stand out from the crowd.

Are Black Friday deals real?
Yes, although in some cases the discounts have been negotiated well in advance with suppliers. As with any sales, you’ll see a mix of genuine bargains, discounted end-of-line stock and mysterious things found in the back of a warehouse somewhere.

Where can I find the best Black Friday deals?
Right here on TechRadar of course! We scour all the top retailers’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so that you don’t have to – and we tell you whether the deals are worth getting excited about too. Whether it’s a 4K HDR OLED TV or an Xbox One controller, if it’s discounted we’ll have the details here.

How do I get the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 deals?
Know what you want, know what you can afford to spend and know the market: you’ll often spot retailers charging higher than usual prices in October so they can offer amazing discounts on Black Friday. Pay particular attention to real prices, not RRPs: TVs are particularly bad for this, with sets whose RRP is eleventy billion dollars routinely selling for a few hundred dollars.
It’s also a very good idea to be flexible: for example if you fancy a Sony 4K TV then think about the features you want rather than a specific model number: the BRV123ABD54-88C-9218-B may not be discounted on Black Friday, but an almost identical set with the specification you want probably will be.

Can I get cash back on Black Friday deals?
Sometimes, yes. Your credit card may offer cash back on purchases, and some big brands often offer cashback even when you purchase from a retailer.

How can I stay safe on Black Friday?
Black Friday brings out the scammers as well as the sellers, so be wary of unsolicited emails or links to deals on social media, no matter how legitimate they look: anything asking for card details or login details may be a scam. Phishing sites do big business on Black Friday, so be extra suspicious – and if you’re on a PC, make sure your security software is up to date. Many security suites automatically block known scam sites.

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