Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless penetration is a crucial phase in any hackers attempt to penetrate your local network. These form of attacks are usually done at a certain proximity distance from the target. Upon accessing your wireless internet, they can then proceed to sniff your traffic and log all running data on your network. Thus securing your wireless network is extremely crucial and is one of the key steps in securing your network.

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Network Penetration Testing

Here our dedicated experts will try to exploit vulnerabilities in order to gain full access to vulnerable systems. In a Network Vulnerability Assessment, we only report on the flaws without actively exploiting them. Which is a cost effective alternative to a Network Penetration Test.

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Social Engineering Prevention

Social engineering is the most dangerous mode of attack used by hackers these days. Reason? A human being has much more potential vulnerabilities compared to the computer system itself. In other words, human beings are easier to fool. Social engineering is the art of fooling the user into divulging confidential or personal information of various organizations that may be used for fraudulent purposes.

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Web Penetration Testing

To locate any flaws in a website that can be exploited by a hacker is called a website vulnerability. No doubt, there are many security systems used for protecting a website from cyber threats. However, many times a hacker still manages to find a security breach to penetrate your website. The vulnerability could be a web coding error based on any un-patched sub domains.

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